About Us

Polishan Solfanelli, LLC is a Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) litigation law firm created to focus on improvement of the law, access to the legal system, administration of justice, and quality of service rendered by the legal profession. In addition to handling trials and other litigation, the firm's lawyers offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services as mediators and arbitrators.

We continually learn all we can about preparing and trying cases. This is central to serving our clients and the public.

We work to prepare cases as well as anyone can, to make ourselves as invisible as possible. Our firm does this so that those we represent, and the evidence in their cases, can speak for themselves. This is because lawyers don't truly “have” or “win” or “lose” cases or results: only their clients do. Our experience is that, when lawyers work like this, people and businesses who deserve to win or favorably resolve their cases, tend to do so. 

The Law is not a concern created to serve its own ends. It's a collegial profession created to serve humanity. In this way, all lawyers are called to help each other, as a profession, to serve society,  by serving clients.